Branding is to business what style is to fashion.


Why should you invest in BRANDING?

Branding is to business what style is to fashion. Imagine styling helps you define a capsule wardrobe, unique to your personality and body type, giving you a clear direction for creating outfits. Branding does the same, by extracting your brand DNA you can then use regardless of marketing activity or how you choose to develop your business. 

Branding is not just a vanity process, or just a logo, it is a bold statement communicating who you are, what you stand for and how you want to use your uniqueness and point of view to solve a problem, support your clients and impact your industry. Just like that perfect outfit, good branding makes you feel confident about what you are communicating about yourself.

Branding is evergreen. It's an investment you only make once. So it's important that you get it right to create a strong foundation. If fashion trends come and go, good style adapts to anything. The same goes for good branding. It is an authentic expression of your business, regardless of the many shapes it may take in time. 

Branding is no longer optional!

is key to scaling

People place an unexpectedly high emphasis on branding, choosing carefully who they buy from or what brands they associate themselves with. Investing in branding shows you are committed to your business long term, you have a strong mission and you care about what you are communicating to the world. This attracts similar minded people, usually high-value customers.


Branding must be built on authenticity

The modern customer is smart, tech-savvy and research-oriented. Today, consumers crave a genuine, credible, trustworthy and authentic experience in this hyper-connected virtual world. When people understand what you stand for and how you want to express your mission in your work, you are more relatable, inspiring and trusted as business or professional. 

creates opprotunity

​​People are willing to spend more on products and services from individuals or companies run by established and recognisable brands. By supporting your business brand with a personal brand too you can create additional income streams from speaking engagements, books, training, courses and more. 


We developed our signature 4-week branding process to create authentic, evergreen brands


Human Design

Let's find out your Human Design and apply your energy type, authority and life mission to your work.


Brand DNA

Based on your Human Design, your objectives and your personal mission, we will extract your brand DNA: positioning, personality, values, ideal client and differentiation.


Brand Strategy

We move on to refining point of view, communication style and activation strategies.


Visual Identity

We will create design elements to make your brand stand out, be memorable and sustainable lomg term.

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