Will came to us so we can help him develop a bold, professional and unique visual identity for his business. Undeveloper_ provides coaching, mentoring and ongoing support for tech professionals in all roles through its flagship Academy programme, bespoke Coaching packages and community of alumni and accredited professionals.

Before we got to the fun part, we took the time to put together a spot-on strategy to define and clarify his mission, vision, values and how to communicate it all.

The logo creation had the root in the name; to develop leads you to the idea of transformation, growth, creation. Yet, Undeveloper_ is also about undoing things that no longer work and about change for the better in the tech industry. So we reinterpreted the essence of the name as a strengthening and empowerment process and we came up with the increased thickness in every letter.

It’s suggestive of a revelation, gradual transformation and increased power and confidence. Exactly what the Undeveloper_ brand is all about.


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