Draga Sugar

An international company was looking to rebrand a failed product launch, due to misaligned brand archetype and targeting. We got to work and we created Draga. 'Draga' means dear, beloved, precious and it is also a feminine name in its own right. It has a certain Balkan flavour attached to it, being used in several countries (Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria). It speaks of something dear to one, something precious, something worthy of your attention. Something joyful, pleasant and good. The mission is to remind people of the invisible connection we all share. We want to offer not just a convenience product, but a product with a message, which may just remind you of someone special in your life and invite you to make their life a bit sweeter - literally and metaphorically. 


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity


Maria Surcel
Camelia Imbuzan

Mircea Vlad


Selected Works

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