Hey guys! Welcome to the first blog I’ve written in a while…oops! 

But a lot of big, exciting changes have been happening behind the scenes and I’ve been focused on working with my amazing clients on their businesses.

Now things are falling into place, I figured it was time to kick-start the new year in the right way. And part of that involves restarting this blog and creating a whole new Instagram, which I'm very excited about!

The topic of today's blog is very relevant to what I’m doing now and something I’m obviously very passionate about (since I’ve built my whole business around it!).

So let’s jump right in and start with…

What is branding?

I like to use this metaphor when explaining branding to people outside the marcomms genre.

Branding is to business what personal styling is to fashion. A clever capsule 'wardrobe' especially created to reflect who you truly are and help you express yourself.

But branding isn’t just a name or a logo. .

Branding is the result of cleverly weaving strategy, design and communication to occupy a certain place in your ideal consumer’s mind. It facilitates getting to or attracting customers who want what you have to offer and is a solid base for a future-proof business. 

Why is a brand strategy important?

It’s time for the good stuff, because when I say that having a brand strategy is one of the best things you can do for your business, I mean it. 

At its most basic level, brand strategy provides you with clarity about where your business fits in the market, and helps you identify your niche. It encapsulates your mission, your vision and your values, giving you a clear direction for your visual identity and marketing. 

So when I put it like that, it’s pretty clear to start seeing why it is so important!

With a brand strategy, you can make the best and most aligned decisions for your business, ensuring both consistency and a recognisable experience for your customers.  

But figuring out your branding strategy isn’t always an easy task. This leads me nicely onto…

How we can help

Working with us is a process, one of consultancy and collaboration (and lots of questions) that ultimately ends up with you having a clear and empowered understanding of the fundamentals that will make your business not just stand out, but stand the test of time. We will not be creating fluff or meaningless design, we will craft intentionally, with a long-term vision in mind. 

Through this process of consultancy, we will guide you through all the important elements that you need to decide on to help your business thrive. 

This means we look at:

  • Your vision
  • Your mission
  • Your values
  • What problem your business solves
  • Your competition
  • Your target audience
  • Your brand archetype
  • Your visual identity 
  • Your marketing DNA
  • Your ideal communication mix

All this helps us position your brand and business clearly, and easily articulate what makes you different and ways you can grow and monetise your unique offering. 

Then we put all of this into a handy strategy deck which you get to take away to guide you in making marketing decisions and we can further use to design your visual brand identity.

And there you have it! A quick breakdown on what branding is, why it is so important and how I can help you build a solid foundation for your business or redefine your brand.

If you to want to get your brand strategy right so you can take on the business world with clarity and confidence, let’s work together. Use the contact form on my website to send me a message or simply book a FREE 30-min discovery call. 

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