Branding from the inside out.

We develop unique brand identities and authentic personal brands based on the Human Design of the entrepreneur behind it. Our approach is unique in the industry and ensures your essence as a human is expressed perfectly in your brand and business. 


What we do

Mylk&Huny offers branding services to help your business or personal brand stand out for the right reasons.


Brand Identity

Our signature 4-week process combines your Human Design, carefully researched strategy and stand-out graphic design to help you launch or reinvent your business authentically.


Personal Branding

Personal branding is vital to the growth of any business and we are here to clarify your positioning, niche and mission, and develop content that connects with your dream audience.


Content Creation

What’s the point of having a beautiful brand without the right content to bring it to life? Content remains king, but it’s all about working smarter, more consistently and sticking to your core messaging.


Web Design

The branding experience cannot be complete without a custom-built website to coherently tell your story and highlight your unique selling points.



What’s in a name? Everything. We’re here to provide your soon-to-be business with a suitable, creative and unique name, making it memorable from the start.





Brand Identity & Naming
Brand Identity
Brand Identity
Brand Identity
Lorenza Secretan
Brand Identity
Espoir L'Atelier
Brand Identity
IDU Fashion
Brand Identity
Ana Danilov
Brand Identity
Well & Fed
Brand Identity
Brand Identity, Naming
Ioana Tănase
Brand Identity
How Eventful
Brand Identity
Perfect Accounting
Brand Identity
Maria Surcel
Personal Branding Identity
Draga Sugar
Brand Identity, Naming

We call this The Formula.

We developed a tried and trested approach for building a successful brand that achieves and surpasses awareness and profitability goals. We call it The Formula.

Visual Identity

Graphic Design
Web Design


Human Design
Brand DNA


Content creation


The team at Mylk & Huny is simply fantastic!
I tried to launch my business, unsuccessfully, so I knew I needed somebody who has the expertise and care to help me re-launch. I am so beyond happy with choosing Mylk & Huny. Maria helped me redefine my strategy, offer, vision and mission. It’s like she waved a magic wand, got inside my brain, and made sense of everything I wanted to offer in a brilliant way. She was also there every step of the way to support me, coach me and help me through the transformation.
When I thought things couldn’t get any better, here comes Cami! The branding she creates not only matched the strategy perfectly, but also is representing me fully in a way I would have never expected.
Do your business a favour – if you invest in ANYTHING this year, choose to work with the Mylk & Huny team.

Ioana Tănase
Career Switching Consultant

Maria is so professional and so easy to work with. She’s spot on with delivering amazing results and made everything so easy for me to understand! It was very clear to me what steps I need to take with my brand. Startup or mature business, you totally need her skills and knowledge for having a fresh, modern and insightful brand! She takes a deep look into your persona and business and connects everything in a personal way, so you can express your business individuality to the maximum level!

Roxana Anghel
Nowa Flowers

I couldn’t be happier with my experience working with Maria and the Mylk and Huny team on the Undeveloper brand. Throughout the process, I felt like they really got under the skin of who I am, what the brand means to me and how it should appear in the world.
The first time I read the brand analysis and strategy they presented me with, it sent shivers down my spine! I read and re-read it all the time to remind myself of how the brand should be working and what it means. The design process was a dream — it really felt collaborative and I’m so impressed with the end product. From starting out thinking that branding was just one on a long list of things to sort out, I’m now super excited about my brand and all the possibilities it holds and I have Mylk and Huny to thank for that.
I would recommend them for anyone looking to create a personal or business brand feels authentic and part of them.

Will Britton
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